Founded by Zélia Monteiro with the goal of developing and improving the study of ballet through an approach based on the quality of the performance of movement.

The initiative is anchored in Zélia’s consistent formation, mainly from the classical technique from the Italian Cecchetti school and the approach developed alongside with Klauss Vianna. The principle of the Centre is teaching based in the quality of movement, prioritising the way the students produce movement and not what they produce (a sequence of steps).Technique is not seen as rigid training that is imposed on the body, but as an activity that respects the individual process and physical constitution of each student, their possibilities and limits. It is understood and perfected not only in the sense of the codification of movement – specific to a certain time and tradition – but in the physical approaches necessary to its performance.

As a result, incorrect postural patterns become noticeable, what allows for bone-muscle alignment, the relaxing of muscle tension, stretching and strengthening of weak muscles, avoiding joint damage.

This results in the acquisition of an accurate technique, with clean lines and movements devoid of mannerisms, where the availability and pleasure of dancing remain.

CEB consists of a team of teachers that endure the habit of constant study and research, aiming for the perfecting of their methodologies. 

CEB doesn’t have fixed headquarters, working in multiple locations in the city of São Paulo with continued formation projects and regular lessons directed towards children, adolescents and adults– professionals, students, or amateurs.

The centre is coordinated by Zélia Monteiro, who directs the team based on her experience being a teacher for over 40 years and on two main pillars of her formation: the Italian school of Cecchetti, which she studied with Maria Meló, and Klauss Vianna’s approach to the awareness of movement and dance.


* Maria Meló (1910 - 1993) was a student of Cecchetti at the Scala in Milan from 1924 to 1928.

** Klauss Vianna (1928 - 1992) professor, researcher and choreographer from Minas Gerais. He lived in São Paulo from 1980 to 1992.