Coordinator and teacher

Ballerina, teacher and choreographer, she bases her work of teaching dance on the perception of the body, as the main process for acquiring the technique.

At the base of his creative and pedagogical research is the thought of Klauss Vianna *, with whom he worked for eight years; and the classical Italian school, which he studied with Maria Melô **, of whom he was an assistant for more than ten years.

In 1993 he received the Bolsa Vitae de Artes for choreographic research carried out in Paris, where he resided for four years.

She was awarded by APCA (Paulista Association of Art Critics) in 1987, 1992, 1998, 2010 and in 2016. In 2014 she won the Denilto Gomes Award from the Paulista Dance Cooperative, in the Best Improvisation Solo category and was one of the five finalists in the Governor of the State of São Paulo Award, in the Dance category.

He has been directing the Improvisation Center since 2003.

She is a teacher in the Communication Course of the Arts of the Body - PUC / SP and teaches regular classical dance classes at Sala Crisantempo.

Created in 2011 the Center for Ballet Studies, in order to improve the work on its teaching methodology of this technique, together with a group of assistant teachers.


* Klauss Vianna (1928 - 1992), professor, choreographer and researcher from Minas Gerais, studied ballet in Belo Horizonte with professor Carlos Leite and in São Paulo with Maria Olenewa. He began his research on the body and dance in the 50's when he participated, along with a group of artists (writers, painters, sculptors, musicians) of the so-called “Geração Complemento”. It was then that he began to study the relationship between ballet movements and the plastic arts, which led him to study kinesiology and anatomy at the medical school in Belo Horizonte. At this time, he started experimenting with a new way of teaching dance and continued working as a teacher and developing his thinking and teaching method throughout his life. In recent years, he lived in São Paulo, where he served as a teacher, choreographer and creator. Zélia Monteiro was his student and collaborator from 1984 to 1992.

** Maria Melô (1910 - 1993), taught Zélia Monteiro the most important principles of corrections, as well as the movement sequences of the method created by Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928). Italian dancer and teacher, Cecchetti renewed the teaching of ballet. Created a new system of progression of exercises making them more anatomical and natural. Ana Pavlova, Vaganova, Fokine, Karsavina, Nijinski, are some of her students in Russia, where she taught from 1892 to 1921 when she definitively returned to Italy and was named “ballet maître” at the Scalla in Milan. Maria Melô was her student of 1924 to 1928 in Milan and Zélia Monteiro studied with her in São Paulo from 1977 to 1985, when she became his assistant.



Member of CEB and pedagogical coordinator of the Balé na Vila project

Ballerina, teacher and dance researcher.

PhD student in the Postgraduate Program in Performing Arts at the School of Communication and Arts at the University of São Paulo (ECA / USP) and has the title of master of the same program since 2014. Graduated from the Communication Course of Body Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC / SP), since 2008.

He studies classical ballet and improvisation with Zélia Monteiro, since 2001. He collaborated with the foundation of the Center for Ballet Studies, where he works as a researcher and teacher. She is currently a pedagogical coordinator at the Balé na Vila Project (CEB).

Since 2015, she has been a teacher in Dance, Theater and Naturology courses at Anhembi Morumbi University. Member of Silenciosas (directed by Diogo Granato), since 2014. Member of the Laboratory of Body Dramaturgy (LADCOR / USP), of the National Association of Dance Researchers (ANDA) and of the Center for Dance Studies (CED / PUC-SP) .

She has been a dancer in the contemporary dance scene of São Paulo since 2010. She was a pedagogical coordinator and teacher in the ballet course held by CEB in partnership with the Hebraica club, between 2005 and 2012. She was a pedagogical coordinator of the dance area at CLAC –Centro Livre of Performing Arts of São Bernardo do Campo, in 2015. She was a dance teacher at the São Paulo Dance School (Fundação Theatro Municipal), between 2012 and 2014.



Member of CEB, pedagogical coordinator and teacher of the Balé na Vila project

Creative artist and dance teacher.

Graduated in dance from the Body Arts Communication course (PUC / SP), since 2003 and certified as a Pilates Method Instructor by CGPA (SP), since 2014.

He has studied with Zélia Monteiro since 2001 and collaborated with the foundation of the Center for Ballet Studies. She is a pedagogical coordinator and ballet teacher at the Balé na Vila Project (CEB) and an assistant to Zélia Monteiro in her ballet classes for adults and in her Functional Analysis training course in Ballet Practice.

Member of the Improvisation Nucleus, a dance group that researches scenic improvisation under the direction of Zélia Monteiro, since 2005.

She was pedagogical coordinator and teacher in the ballet courses held by CEB in partnership with the club A Hebraica, between 2003 and 2007; and with the institution UNIBES (Dance Education Project), between 2005 and 2010.



Member of CEB and psychologist of the Balé na Vila project

Ballerina and psychologist.

Facilitator in Art Therapy by the Libertas Institute - PE, since 1996. Graduated in Psychology / Licenciatura (UFPB) since 1995, and by the Universidade Paulista-SP / Bacharelado, since 2002. Graduated in Motor Coordination by the School of Reeducation of the Ivaldo Bertazzo Movement in GDS Techniques by the Brazilian Center for Muscular Chains, since 2005; and in GDS-SP Technique; affiliated to the Institut de Chaíses Musculaires e des Techniques (ICTGDS) - Brussels, Belgium, since 2005.

She has studied with Zélia Monteiro since 2007 and has been part of the Center for Ballet Studies since 2016, where she also works as a psychologist, assisting in the development and integration of the team, and in psycho-behavioral guidance and emotional support for students.

From 1997 to 2007 he studied at Escola do Movimento Ivaldo Bertazzo, participating in classes, tutoring and dance performances, dedicating himself later to teaching, in classes of Conscious Movement and its relations with Motor Coordination / psycho-behavioral development, in partnership with professor Mônica Monteiro, at Sala Crisantempo (SP). In 2007, he joined research groups in improvisation in dance and developed solo works with Beth Bastos.

Also in 2007 he met the master of Butoh-Ma, Tadashi Endo (Japan / Germany), and intensified his studies in this dance language during the realization of the Butoh-Ma Brazil 2010 and 2012 Tour project. Since then he has furthered his studies in this practice in Brazil and in Germany with Tadashi Endo, at Mamu Butoh Center as a dancer and resident artist, and participates in research groups in contemporary dance and oriental practices with Key Sawao (SP).

He also works for the development of individuals and groups through the study of Classical Ballet and Butoh dance. Conducts training and workshops in large organizations, focusing on the integration between physical body and emotional body.



Member of CEB, professor and assistant of dissemination and financial of the project Balé na Vila

Performer-creative dancer, teacher and dance researcher.

Educated Somatic Movement Educator by the Body Mind Movement method (2016-2018). Graduated in Dance Bachelor and Degree at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi São Paulo (2010-2013).

Since 2012, she has been doing Classical Dance classes with Zélia Monteiro at Sala Crisantempo. In 2017 she joined the Center for Ballet Studies, and today she teaches at the Balé na Vila Project (CEB).

Technically, he takes classes in contemporary dance, contact improvisation, somatic education and classical ballet. He studied dance since 1996, graduated from the São José do Rio Preto Municipal School of Arts (2002-2009) and at the Aracy de Almeida Dance Studio (2010-2011). Since 2013 she has been dancing at Coletivo Desvelo. He worked with directors such as Marcelo Zamora, Cecília Kerche, Aracy de Almeida, João Pirahy, Luciana Bortoletto.

He has been working in the pedagogical field for ten years. She was a dance teacher at Centro Cultural da Juventude, Centro Cultural da Penha, Tekohá (Xingó Group), Projeto Todos na Dança (UAM), Mozarteum College, Espaço Vajra, Conceição Linares Dance School, Pulsarte, Builders, Colégio Jd. São Paulo, Pulsarte, School of the Future.



Member of CEB and teacher of the Balé na Vila project

Ballerina, interpreter-creator and dance teacher.

With a hybrid formation in dance and theater, she graduated in theatrical interpretation from the University of São Paulo (CAC-ECA-USP) and as a classical dancer from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) at the Black Swan Ballet Studio; he has been developing his teaching methodology also from the hybridism between artistic languages.

Regularly accompanies ballet classes and improvisation courses taught by Zélia Monteiro, since 2012. Member of the Center for Ballet Studies since 2014. He is assistant to Zélia Monteiro in ballet classes for adults, since 2017.

He has been a member of the Improvisation Nucleus (directed by Zélia Monteiro), since 2015; and Cia. Oito Nova Dança (directed by Lu Favoreto), since 2017. She is the founding interpreter of the female collective MUMBRA corpomóvel.

He currently conducts the WEB's ballet lessons for learning. She also worked as a teacher at the CLAC (Free Center for the Performing Arts of São Bernardo dos Campos), the Sebástian Center for the Performing Arts, Instituto Equipe and Estúdio Oito Nova Dança.



Member of CEB 

dancer, actress, interpreter-creator and dance teacher.

Has specialization in the Klauss Vianna Technique (PUC / SP), since 2017. Graduated in Communication and Body Arts (PUC / SP) since 2004.

He studies ballet and improvisation with Zélia Monteiro since 2006, of whom he is also an assistant in his ballet classes for adults. She collaborated with the foundation of the Center for Ballet Studies and today, she is a teacher at the Balé na Vila Project (CEB).

She is currently creator-interpreter for Cia Queremos Saber_Arts do Corpo (directed by Pin Nogueira).

She performed as a dancer in shows in Brazil, Japan (Nagoya and Osaka), South Korea (Seoul), Russia (Moscow), Uruguay (Punta Del´Este) and Angola (Luanda).

She has taught dance classes since 1994. She was a teacher in the Dance Education Project carried out by CEB in partnership with the UNIBES institution, between 2006 and 2016.