A partnership between Centro de Estudos do Balé and Sala Crisantempo with the goal of promoting the teaching of ballet:


- Sensitive and creative education;


- Ludic experiences where children can feel and become aware of their own bodies and movements;

- Introduction of ballet technique, without causing damage to posture and spontaneity of the gesture.

Keiny Andrade

The project started in March 2018.

Based on their knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, the teachers encourage the students to feel and become aware of their bodies and movements, promoting ludic experiences that allow for the discovery of their own ways of organizing movement in space-time. This work is essential for technique to be introduced without causing damage to posture and spontaneity of the gesture.

 Balé na Vila is a non-profit, private initiative with social responsibility. It promotes ample access to ballet lessons, offering half of its places to children and adolescents coming from public schools. Every family that has the means to pay contributes by financing scholarships, making possible, through a collective effort, the existence of an education without barriers.

Keiny Andrade


sensibilisation of the body

Keiny Andrade


Pedagogic Coordination:

Zélia Monteiro

Flávia Scheye

Melissa Bamonte


Keiny Andrade


* classes twice a week



During the semester of online classes we will do a creation process with the contents worked on in ballet classes. Throughout the process, the teachers will request some video recordings, short and simple, from the research that is developed in class. When the time comes, we will make available the instructions for recording and posting the videos so that, at the end of the semester, we can generate a unique product, representing all the work developed.

🙆‍ Registration open, classes start on 08/17/2020


4/5 years Wednesday 15h
6/7 years Tuesday 10h30 or Monday 15h
8/10 years Thursday 10:30 am or Tuesday 3:30 pm
10/11 years Monday 16:30
Teens Tuesday 17h

* 1 hour lesson

💬 Semiannual payment plan R $ 200 / month (from August to December)

We are excited about the possibility of transforming and reframing this period of isolation into dance and poetry and thus instigating children's curiosity about themselves, their movements and the environment in which they live.

+55 11 97461-1816

Vila Madalena, São Palo/SP

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