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The course ANÁLISE FUNCIONAL NA PRÁTICA DO BALÉ was created to offer applied knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology specifically to ballet teachers.

Developed by dancer and teacher Zélia Monteiro and by physiotherapist Elaine Ferrão, the course is meant as a complement to the formation of these teachers, who, even being very familiar with this language, often find themselves without resources to guide their students on how to execute the movements specific to this technique.


This gap in the teacher’s formation can get in the way of the technical progression of students. When establishing postures that overstrain the muscles, the teacher does not encourage the bodily availability that is necessary for the acquisition of technique, which can lead to lesions and create difficulties for the student when performing the highly complex movements required in ballet.

The partnership between Museu da Dança (MUD) and Centro de Estudos do Balé (CEB) has as its main goal to stimulate the constant improvement of dance professionals.


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  • Theoretical lessons on the experiences lived in a ballet-dancing body, with an introduction to and analysis of images of anatomy and what the body looks like when dancing ballet.

  • Practical lessons, with exercises of sensibilisation to improve awareness of bones, joints and their alignments, as well as muscle groups and their functions, followed by ballet practice while applying the previously acquired knowledge.

  • Analysis of muscle function through the body of a model (who may be a student)

  • Bibliography related to the contents discussed in the course.

corpos traco 1.jpg
Tornozelo e ligamentos


FULL COURSE VALUE (05 modules)

Online registration and payments.

* Discounts for group registrations (over four people), contact us for more information.


Important: The cancellation of the registration and request for refund of the amount paid, must be requested via e-mail, and will only be accepted up to a maximum of 15 (fifteen) days before the course starts. If the cancellation of the registration is made after this period, there will be no refund of the amount paid, but the participant can use this credit in another module or even indicate another person for his vacancy.


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Análise Funcional na Prática do Balé

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